Amazing Places to Visit in the Philippines

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What to see? What cannot be missed? How many days to dedicate? The Philippines has 7107 islands, it’s normal for you to ask another 7107 more questions. After my trip through this incredible country I want to give you a brief summary of all the places you should value for your first visit.

Something you should know in the Philippines. Before starting to organize the trip you have to know that the transports and transfers are slow, this will make you lose a lot of time, it is very important to know how many days you have and what your priority is.

Adventure, beach, nature and culture are what await you. Do you dive? Well, you’re in luck. Do you know that the Philippines is one of the most incredible countries for that? Here you can take the diving course if you wish.

Palawan. In the most continental area of the country is one of the most visited islands. Palawan is the busiest in the Philippines, many people are attracted to see the lagoons of the Nest and the sunken ships of the Second World War in Corong but here it awaits you much more if you wish.

Port Barton. Port Barton is the town that I fell in love with the Philippines and thanks to him the obligatory visit to Palawan is more than justified.

Where to sleep?

Port Barton is summarized in two streets.

There are several cheap hotels along the main street of the town, as well as pretty cabins on the beach.

What to do?

Visit the beautiful islands that are around the town in an island hopping, cross paths to discover the beautiful White Beach , take a dip in the waterfall of the town and discover the beach to which nobody goes.

How many days to dedicate?

3-4 days; 1 for an island hopping, 2 to relax and spend the day in White beach, 3 to visit the waterfall of the town and get up by motorcycle to Naonao Beach, a lonely beach that we fell in love with and 4 to kayak or relax.

How to get here?

You can get here by plane, that you can find at, to the main airport of the island, Puerto Princesa. From Puerto Princesa or El Nido by van, the route is much faster than by bus, usually lasts just over 3 hours for both and costs PHP 300 and 600 respectively.

Corong-Corong: Something intermediate that I have seen and tested and that feeling it a lot I cannot recommend. The place is summarized in a very noisy paved street where there is no kind of charm, if you can avoid it.

Tour A includes: Secret Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon and Seven Commandos beach.

Tour C includes: Helicopter beach, Matinloc Shrine, Hidden beach, Secret beach (not to be confused with Secret lagoon A) and Star beach. A senior to complete the visit choose a day off in kayak to explore beaches of tour D and another to visit Nac Pan and Caliton beach.

How many days to dedicate?

3-4 days would be fine; 1 to do the A tour, 2 for an alternative second, 3 for a free day in kayak and 4 to go on a trip to Nac Pan and Caliton beach.

Remember: In case of renting a private boat you can mix the top places of tour A and C and can save you one day.